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Everyone wants to look and feel good on the track. At what cost though? Realistically even before taxes, the average set of premium gear (gloves included) is going to set you back $350. That’s a lot of gas, parts and entry fees. With the ever increasing cost to ride these days, it becomes harder to justify the cost of premium gear. Until now that is. 

At VEXEA MX we make premium racewear, sell it over the internet, and ship it directly to  your door. The gear is as good as anything out there, but doesn’t cost more than the replacement for your clutch basket that’s been smoked longer than Willie Nelson.

Our racewear cost less than half as much as of comparable products from other manufacturers of premium racewear. In fact, one new set of top-of-the-line VEXEA gear, costs less than an entry level kit made by other manufacturers. So why does other gear cost so much? When bought the “traditional” way, gear goes through several middlemen and receive a four- or five-time markup in price before getting into the rider’s hands. We forget the middlemen: Instead, we sell our products at the best price exclusively on and send them directly to you in the shortest time possible.

That’s it, That’s All. Premium racewear, worn and tested by factory pros, made from the latest high performance materials, shipped straight to your door for half the cost. Still not conviced? Try our 30 Day Comfort Guarantee. Buy it, Ride it Race it. If your not satisfied with the comfort, performance, and workmanship of our gear then return it within 30 days of purchase to receive a full refund. (click link for more details)