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About Us

With nearly a decade of experience in Military Special Operations, VEXEA’s founder Adam Baldwin understands the vital importance of balancing weight, durability and functionality when it comes to gear and equipment. While the sport of motocross continues to evolve on a daily basis, Adam noticed today’s race wear continuing to incorporate heavy, rigid materials with restrictive designs year after year. As an avid motocross fan and racer himself, he began traveling to events and training facilities across the country getting feedback from top level pros down to the little guys chasing their dreams on what they demand out of their equipment. Armed with this information, VEXEA teamed up with todays hottest designers in race wear and apparel and went to work creating a cutting edge design engineered to keep motocross athletes fresh, dry and light throughout their entire battle.

Our Mission

“Our mission is simple: Create the most advanced race wear the world has ever seen through passion, dedication and a tireless push for innovation ”

- Adam Baldwin, Founder & CEO

Radically Resilient Racewear

VEXEA racewear is crafted with utmost precision combined with lightweight durable material making it the most radically resilient racewear on the market today. We use the latest revolutionary fabrics in all of our gear to ensure a lightweight and bulk free products while keeping  a minimalist design which current market demand is craving.